About House of Orr

House of Orr is an ongoing, illustrated fantasy about a guild adventurously being themselves. It updates every other Friday.

Created By...


VICTORIA GRACE ELLIOTT found a mysterious creature called Goog when she was a girl. She followed the troll to a mystic land and lived abroad for several years. Today, she can be found wandering around Austin, TX (usually in 24-hour coffee shops) or somewhere on the internet Where The Cute Things Are. Her other major work is balderdash!, or the baker's apprentice. She's on tumblr at googfriday.tumblr.com and on twitter @fridayafternoon.


NOLAN T. JONES is a machine powered by nostalgia. He most strongly identifies as a Jayhawk. In addition to this webcomic, he is to be held responsible for co-creating Colonial Souls, Roll20, and a variety of other things you might learn about by following his Twitter and Tumblr presences. His physical form currently resides in the Las Vegas valley with his spouse, Cayla Witty.



Guild Membership...

The guild currently has the following membership:

ORRB, a linguist and animalist. She (and Sticky) are trying their best.
ORRBAIN, a hero made modest by days past. He wishes to create more with his hammer.
ORRDALF, an opinionated conjurer. She often finds the world a source of frustration.
ORRFEN, a competitive romantic who oscillates between sneak and brawler. He is the worst.
ORRNOT, a contrary swordmaster. She is wildly talented.
ORRISSA, a scholar whose ambitious exceeds her ability. But that isn’t stopping her.
ORRVILLE, a musician, a monster, and a compulsive giggler. You can hear em if you listen.
ORRYK, an accomplished trapper and tracker. He seeks a bigger game.

Worth Noting:

If YOU are looking to start your own adventures, you might check out Roll20.

House of ORR is © The Orr Group, LLC, and we reserve all rights to it.