Welcome to Our House...

I used to live in something of a shanty, inhabited at one point by fourteen people (two of whom lived on the lawn). We had many adventures-- banners were raised, love was made, coins were tossed, clothes were discouraged, laws were unknown, alcohol was a food group, and the creatures that lived underneath us were confronted with swords. During this time, many of us that lived in the place found new names, all sharing the starting syllable of “Orr”... and as such our domicile became known as “The House of Orr.”

Every word above is literal truth-- there was a point where I could not recall the name my parents had given me, instead only recalling my title as an Orr.

The comic made available to you here is something of a reinterpretation of the events that took place in that good House. The spirit of camaraderie and confusion that is best experienced in a community setting.

The piece is entirely illustrated by Victoria Grace Elliott, who was not present during those glorious days, but would have made a fine addition. Her contributions to these tales helps keep us honest and insures we are not simply telling war stories without purpose. She also makes the whole thing look quite brilliant.

The work is written by Richard Zayas, Riley Dutton, and Nolan T. Jones (who also serves as letterer). Their bond after the literal House faded was so strong that they created a digital method to carry out new adventures with their comrades, helping other to do the same.

Finally, the work will be strongly influence by those who have placed their coin into the mix. Part the work of mercenaries and part an experiment in collaboration, this will move the tale past elements of mere historical reenactment and into the range of a new adventure in and of itself.

We hope that will enjoy this work, and make it your own-- as all who have joined the guild before you have. Pick a name, pick a cause, and bring the House glory.

--The Orrphan of the House of Orr